Our Workgroup provides the following equipment for instrumental analyses:

  • Quantachrome Autosorb AS1 for Porosity and Surface Identification (Physisorption /Chemisorption)
  • Horiba Fluorolog-3 for Photoluminescence Spectroscopy
  • Netzsch STA 409 for Thermal Analyses (DTA/DSC/TG)
  • Further Equipment:

  • Gloveboxes (Sample Preparation for Synthesis and Analytics with Digital Microscope Imaging)
  • Büchi(tm) Glass Ovens
  • Autoclave Ovens
  • Various Tube Ovens
  • Ball mill Laarmann LMLW-320/2
  • Further eqipment available for instrumental analyses (Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University Würzburg):

    X-Ray Diffractometers

    Powder Diffractometers
  • Bruker D8 DISCOVER with DAVINCI-design
  • Single Crystal Diffractometers
    • BRUKER D8 3-axis goniometer with CCD SMART APEX I detector system
    • BRUKER FR591 κ-goniometer with CCD APEX II detector system and rotating anode
    • ´

    Optical Spectroscopy

    IR Spectroscopy
    • IR spectrometer Bruker Equinox
    • IR spectrometer Bruker Vector 22
    • IR spectrometer Bruker IFS 75

    Raman Spectroskopy
    • IR/Raman spectrometer Bruker IFS 120

    Luminescence Spectroscopy
    • Spectrofluorometer QuantaMasterTM QM2000-4 with InGaAs-NIR detector, Photon Technology International Co.

    Elemental Analysis

    • vario MICRO cube, Elementaranalysensysteme GmbH Co.


    • Scanning Electron Microscope ULTRA plus, Zeiss Co.
    • X-Ray Detector X-Max 50 mm2, Oxford Instruments Co.


    • Bruker Avance 200
    • Bruker DRX 300
    • Bruker AMX 400
    • Bruker Avance 500
    • Bruker DSX 400 Solid State NMR

    Fluorescence Microscopy

    • Axiovert 200 Inversem, Zeiss Co.

    Mass Spectrometers

    • Trio 1000-GCMS/LCMS
    • Agilent GCD-GCMS
    • Varian 320MS-GC/MS

    Gas Chromatography/Liquid Chromatography

    • Shimadzu GC14B
    • HP 5890 Series
    • HPLC High Pressure Gradient Systems, Sunchrom Co.

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